About us

We are a small team of developers, musicians and sound engineers that have been working on commercial audio software products for over two decades.

Among other music and audio mobile and desktop apps, we develop n-Track Studio, a cross-platform DAW famous for its ease of use and intuitive approach, aimed at music professionals as well as those just starting off with music production.

In our daily work of finding ways of making the difficult and highly technical world of audio production accessible to the novice user, as well as in our ongoing relationship with the users themselves, while assisting them with the problems and issues they  encounter while approaching this world for the first time, we often run into common issues, topics and notions that seem to be recurrent for production beginners.

This led us to the idea of synthesising some of this knowledge and experience into a blog that would on one hand help our own users to better approach the more theoretical and technical aspects of recording music, and on the other be a useful source of information, tips and tutorials for anyone else approaching or working in the wide world of music production, providing them with an authoritative and up-to-date source for news and info about gear, techniques, theoretical concepts and guided tutorials on various aspects of the production process.

We are always open to suggestions and feedback about the content of our articles or suggestions for new topics to cover, so if you wish to share any thoughts, ideas or questions don’t hesitate to contact us.