How to compose a song in 5 steps for beginners

How to compose a song in 5 steps for beginners

Do you want to compose a song but don’t know how?

Are you a beginner musician and you’d like to start creating your firsts song?


You are in the right place!

In this article, we’ll show you how to write your songs, your lyrics and how to simply record your songs in 5 steps.

No matter how long ago you started playing, we will provide you with a number of tips and tools to write your own songs simply and effortlessly.

So, what kind of instrument DO you play?

Commonly, music composers play one of these two instruments:

a) A Guitar
b) A Piano

If you play one of these two instruments, then you have chosen to read the right guide!

1Compose the chord progression of your first song

Whether you are a pianist or a guitarist, or any other kind of musician, the first thing you need to do is to compose the chord progression which will be the harmonic foundation of your first song.

Don’t know how? You lack fantasy?
Don’t worry about it, it’s normal. If you’ve just started playing, you’ll see that with experience you’ll increase your compositional creativity and ability.

To help you, we have chosen a fantastic chords progression auto-generation tool, that will do the work for you (not really, you’ll still have to choose the song structure and write the lyrics!)

Autochords will help you to lay down your first chord progression easily.
Visit the following link:

Autochords: auto-generation chords progression tool

To start using it, simply choose the instrument (guitar or piano), pick a musical genre, choose the music key and the game is done!

The program will generate the main chords and also suggest some alternative arrangements!


2Writing the song structure

It seems trivial, but deciding the structure of the song can be the most difficult task to accomplish for a musician.

A very common structure for a song is as follows:

– Intro
– Verse 1
– Chorus
– Verse 2
– Chorus
– Bridge (or solo)
– Chorus X2
– Outro

You can try to use the main progression you just wrote or generated for your verses and the variation progressions for the bridge and chorus.

3Writing your song’s lyrics


If you already have the chord progression pinned down you can now start writing the song ‘s lyrics.

Don’t  know how to write lyrics?
No problem, this tool will help you compose your lyrics. How? Simple, by suggesting you rhymes!

Discover how Rymezone could simplify your composer life here:

Find your rhymes with Rhymezone

Rymezone is simple to use: just type the word for which you are searching the rhyme (usually the last word of the sentence) and press the “search” button. Rymezone will suggest a series of words that sound good with your previous sentence’s last word.

4Compose the melody of your song

Now that your lyrics are done, you need to compose your song’s melody.

A good practice is to make sure that your lyrics fit perfectly with the arrangement of your song. Usually this is a process that is performed while writing the lyrics, but don’t worry about this, you’re in the early stages of your musical journey, you can also lay down the lyrics and then the melody.

A common use to compose the melody of your song is to singing above it until you finally find the perfect notes combination with the lyrics.
So if you’re not very practical with singing while playing an instrument, you could try the following:

  1. record the chords of your song.
  2. start thinking about the voice melodies while the tracks is running, and try them out while you listen back.


How can you record your own song if you don’t know how to use recording software?

Nowadays, you don’t really need a room full of equipment (microphones, sound cards etc.). All you need is a smartphone (iOS or Android).
We suggest to download this fantastic free app to record and edit your performances!

n-Track Studio 8 is an app created for musicians that allows you to turn your smartphone or tablet into a real recording studio.

I’ll give you another important piece of news: it’s free.
In fact you can use n-Track Studio 8 and record using your smartphone for free. There are of course a few limitations concerning the ability to export your final song, but don’t worry, there is a way!

In fact, you can save your track on Songtree, the musical collaboration platform (available in app and web version).

You can use the share button to share your song on Songtree (even in private) and then download it in mp3 via web or just listen to it directly from Songtree.

Ps. you can also unlock n-Track Pro’s more advanced functionality, avoiding to share your songs on Songtree and being able to export in various audio formats. It only costs 0.99 per month…come on, that’s less than a cup of coffee.

Download n-Track Studio 8 for Mobile devices here


You can’t figure out how n-Track Studio works? Follow this quick video tutorial for beginners and learn to use it without losing too much time.

Now that you’ve recorded your song harmonic or instrumental base you can add another audio track and start recording your vocal line.

Once you have found the right combination of lyrics, harmony and melody, record you vocal line as well, edited it if you made mistakes, apply effects if you want that extra sparkle and save your song!

5Do you feel ready to share your track with the world and receive positive feedback?


You missING the FINAL step:
share your song with the world!

You can then share your song on the most popular social networks like Facebook.

However, we’d also like to suggest another way: wouldn’t it be nice if you could complete your song with the help of another musician?

For example, say you’ve recorded your guitar and your voice. It would be great if someone could add drums or a bass line, wouldn’t it?

All right!

Songtree is born with the goal of giving musicians worldwide the opportunity to find each other, collaborate and improve their creations in a simple way.

Please note: the service is free, and a big community is waiting for you!
So, get in the game, if you haven’t already done it in the previous step, upload your song to Songtree and invite other musicians to record their contribution over it.

You can always choose the best contribution to your track and download the final version in a few seconds via the download function integrated in Songtree’s web app.

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