How to produce a rap song in 60 second with your smartphone

How to record a rap song with your smartphone

You always wanted to produce your own original rap bases without anyone’s help but you don’t have the experience nor the equipment to do it?

Do you want to compose an original base to practice your freestyle or your extrabeat technique?

You’re in the right place!

This guide will help you to compose your rap songs in seconds just using your smartphone and a free app.

What do you need to compose your first rap beat?

To record quality music your pre-installed memo recording app is not enough. You’ll need a multitrack music recording software.

What does multitrack Recording MEAN?

Multitrack recording apps (or DAWs – digital audio workstations) are programs that allow you to record your own music on multiple tracks (in this case a track with the beat, a track with bass guitar, one with vocals etc.)

We recommend you to try n-Track Studio 8, a free app for iOS and Android.

n-Track Studio 8 allows you to turn your smartphone or tablet into a multitrack recording studio.

…It’s free!

Obviously, the free version has small limitations, but don’t worry about it , you can bypass them (later, I’ll explain how).

You can choose and download your favourite version of n-Track Studio 8 for free here:

How I can start to write my first song?

Every rap song starts with the composition and programming of a drum beat.

To compose your first beat you can use the “step sequencer” provided for free into the n-Track Studio 8 app.

step sequencerWatch this video to learn how to write your first rap beat with the step sequencer in seconds.

Now you only need to write or improv your lyrics and start recording your first rap song.

Add an audio track in n-Track Studio 8 and start recording your voice.
A common technique in rap is to add more entries:

  • Main Vocals
  • Secondary Vocals
  • Backing Vocals

How to record your voice?

Simply add an audio track, wearing headphones and press the record button to start recording your vocals over the rap beat you’ve just made.

If you are satisfied with the result you can now edit and add effects to your voice. 

By adding other audio tracks you can record the secondary voices and backing vocals.


You can also make a final mix by opening the mixer.

MixerThe mixer allows you to control the volume and the effects that you have decided to add to each track.

From the master channel, you can adjust the volume of the entire song, or add an “eq” to balance high, mid and low frequencies in the song the way you prefer.

Once done, you can export the track and share it on your social channels to get feedback from your friends.

Please note: n-Track free won’t allow you to export the track in mp3 directly from the app.

This function is included in the n-Track standard and pro versions, available from $0,99/month or in “pay once” model at $29,99.

n-Track will give you the ability (via the share button) to share your track on Songtree, the music collaboration platform made by musicians for musicians.

On Songtree, you can: 

  • upload your track (nb. even in private)
  • find original or cover songs available to sing or rap over
  • find musicians willing to improve your songs for free 
  • …and much more.

After you upload your track to Songtree, you can then share it on Facebook (by sharing it directly from the Songtree app or the Songtree Web App) or download it by using the “download” button.

You have now acquired the knowledge necessary to create your rap demo in 60 seconds!!!

What are you waiting for?
Start your recording experience now!

Download n-Track Studio 8 from here –> n-Track Studio 8 Mobile

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