How to quickly record Guitar on a PC

How to quick record guitar

Music is your biggest passion and you’d like to record your songs on your pc?

In this article we’ll show you how to quickly record a guitar on your pc/mac in a simple and fast way.

Ok, that’s nice, but…what equipment do I need to start composing and recording my songs?
Of course, that depends on your budget!

So we though about different solutions to match with your needs and money.
Let’s start 🙂 

Zero budget solution

Suppose that you can’t spend much money to buy expensive musical equipment but you really want to record your electric or acoustic guitar (or instruments or vocal in general).

Keep calm and read below!

Here’s what to do:

1) You can record your tracks with your built-in pc’s microphone.
2) You can buy (for just few cents) a jack/mini jack adapter with which you can plug your guitar into your PC’s integrated audio input.

jack / mini jack adapter
Jack / mini jack adapter

So all you need is just a few cents to be able to start recording your firsts tracks and start taking confidence with music recording software.

You want to try recording with your pc’s built-in microphone?
This is one of the best solutions to start composing your songs without spending money.

If you decided to adopt the “connector – adapter” solution, you can then use a jack and your shiny new jack/mini jack adaptor to connect your guitar to your pc/mac and start recording.

Let’s see how to record your first track in just a few minutes!

Cheap solution

If you have at least a little money to invest in music recording gear, here’s some good solution:

  1. Buy an external audio interface (prices start from $50).
    Most of the audio interfaces on the market have an instrument input where you can simply plug your guitar or bass and be ready to go. 
    Also some effects pedalboards (like the line6 Pod) can be directly connected to your computer via a USB connection and they will appear in the input section of your recorder.
    Alternatively  you can put your favourite microphone in front of your guitar amp (we suggest you to use a good dynamic mike such as the Shure SM57) and connect it to your interface’s microphone input.
    For acoustic instruments, the best solution is grabbing a condenser microphone to better capture the whole frequency range of the instrument, from its deeper bass tones to those sparkly ‘high end’ frequencies.

external audio interface

  1. Buy a jack/USB converter to connect your guitar to your PC/Mac.

    jack / usb converter
  2. Choosing a bundle solution to save money (composed by an audio interface, a condenser microphone and more…)

podcast bundle

Get a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is the software equivalent of a music studio. It lets you record, edit and mix digital recordings in your computer, as well as ‘mixing down’ your recordings into finished audio files, ready to be distributed or shared on the web.

music recording softwareThe DAW is an essential part of Home recording and it allows musicians to record and edit their tracks to obtain a professional production without the need of a professional music studio. 

As far as DAWs go, there are different solutions, in different price ranges, currently available on the market.

Our  own DAW, n-Track Studio 8, combines ease and intuitiveness of use to a practical internal guide and tips to help musicians take the firsts steps towards becoming a recording expert.

Update: the new VIDEO TUTORIAL SERIES FOR BEGINNERS to start recording easily is OUT NOW!

n-Track Studio 8 boasts the same qualities than their more famous competitors (Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro tools) but is available for only $69,00.

Big news: you can try n-Track Studio for free before purchasing it.

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