How to record music on an Android phone

music recording studio android

Are you searching for a way to record your music with your Android smartphone?

In this guide we’ll show you how to record your songs with your Android smartphone in a simple and fast way without spending money!!!

All you need is an Android smartphone and a Music recording app.
So, we suggest to download n-Track Studio 8, the app that turns your smartphone into a multitrack music recording studio.

What is multitrack recording?

Recording songs is not a simple thing to do!
Usually a song is composed by more than one part, like drums, bass, guitar and vocals.

Sometimes it’s also necessary to record more than a single track for each single instrument or vocal.
Multitrack recording software is conceived to allow musicians to record multiple tracks (nowadays close to unlimited) and combine them together to create a song.

How can i record a song with my Android smartphone?

Now that we have clarified what is multitrack recording and why it is usually necessary for creating songs,  we just have to download and install an android-compatible multitrack recording app like n-Track Studio 8 to start a recording session.

Good news! —–> n-Track Studio 8 is FREE <—–

Although pro functions require the full version to be purchased.

n-Track Studio 8 can be purchased in two different ways: 

Anyway, n-Track Studio 8 can also be used in its free demo mode, albeit with small limitations.
In fact, tracks can be saved (also in private form) on Songtree, the  music collaboration platform for musicians. 

Open a new blank project!

Once you’ve launched n-Track Studio 8, click on “Record audio”  to create your first blank project.

Now, grab your guitar or your favourite instrument.

Please note: make sure your instrument is tuned before recording. If you don’t know how to tune your instrument or you just don’t have a tuner with you, just download n-Track Free Tuner app .

Start recording your song

Click on the recording button on the left-bottom and record your first take.

record audio
If you want to record another track over the first, you can add another audio track by clicking on the “add” icon.

add an audio track

Adding effects

Then, you can edit your tracks, add effects to your instruments/vocals and much more.

add effects

Save your song (free and paid versions)

If you have n-Track Studio free version, to save your track you can share it (also in private form) on Songtree, the music collaboration platform, then download it with the “download” button via the Songtree Web app.

Songtree download button
If you liked n-Track Studio 8 and you’ve gone on to purchasing it, you can export your track and save your project selecting “mixdown”, then “Save as mp3” (you can choose other formats).

save your song
Just rename your track, choose your destination folder, the format in which you want to export your song (eg. mp3, wav etc.) and the game is done:

You’ve now recorded your first song with your Android smartphone!

n-Track Studio 8 for Android also allows you to compose MIDI and use virtual instruments through your android smartphone!

You don’t know what is the difference between audio and MIDI?  Learn more by reading this article, or check out this video for a general introduction to MIDI.

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