Remove vocals in a song to get a karaoke base-track

Remove vocals from a song

Sometimes you wish you could remove vocals from tracks to have a karaoke-base of your favourite song, so you can have fun singing over it.
You might think this is a difficult thing to do. Actually, in some cases, it isn’t.

There are many ways to remove the vocals from songs and obtain decent results.
In this article we’ll show you the fastest way.

Usually, the lead vocal line in a song is recorded in Mono, so we’ll find identical signals coming out of both the left and right side of the stereo field. What we could do, therefore, is to isolate the left and right components of a song and then invert the phase of one of them. This way, all audio content present in both channels, such as the lead vocal, will be zeroed-out, leaving everything else intact.

In general, you’ll need two things: 

– the song from which you want to remove vocals (in mp3, m4a or wav format)
– a DAW (digital audio workstation), a digital recording software.

If you don’t have a DAW, you can download n-Track Studio 8 here

To remove vocals from your songs and obtain a karaoke base-track you can follow these steps: 

  • Import or drag your songs into your favourite DAW.import your song
  • Click on “track”/”split stereo track” to separate your stereo track into two mono tracks.split your stereo track in mono
  • Now we just need to do an “phases inversion” process.
    • select the track 2 that you’ve already obtained and click on the “eq” button on the mixer’s channel strip.Open EQ
    • Now you can activate the “phases inversion” right and left buttons.Activate the phases inversion

You will have obtained the removal of the vocal part from your basic track.

Obviously the result it’s not the best you can obtain: during the “phase inversion” process, in fact, the song could lose quality, since we’ll lose other mono content we didn’t wish to remove, such as the bass, which is usually also recorded as mono. Nevertheless, we believe this is a nice and quick solution to get the job done.
Ninja tip: restore the audio quality of your karaoke song.

Select track 1 and open the eq from the mixer channel strip.
Then cut the bass around 200 hz and turn them to -30dB.

restore your track after phases inversion

in this way the song will sound in a better way and you’ll be able to preserve low frequency. This tip will help you obtain a more satisfactory result.